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Designer Analysis: Guo Pei

May 20, 2017


Guo Pei

- What category, (business? sportswear? special occasion?) is her collection in?

2016 Spring Summer Haute Couture. It is meant to be for special occasions/red carpet.

- Give your opinion on her silhouettes, colors, fabrics, embellishment

techniques, shoes, hair, make-up, headpieces, and accessories. MAKE SURE TO INDIVIDUALLY ADDRESS THESE!!!

The fabrics have some sort of richness in it with the use of decorative threads to embroidered the garments that give it ultimate shine and expensive tastes to the overall look. The later ones used a plastic like fabric which is unusual, but it also was used in a way to make it high end. Which coincides with the unique take of the silhouettes that have both structure and flow to the garments. It really is something that is usually seen in high end garments.


The garments were embellished beautifully with decorative threads that shined brightly in the designs. As the designs progressed, more and more unique designs came into play until the final outfit came out with sparkles, embroidery, and feathers throughout the piece. It was truly something memorable. The first outfit isn't something to laugh at either, it utilized material that was unusual, but it was gold, structure with flow, and was beautiful to look at.


It was a good choice to have the models’ hair slick back into ponytails and buns. It allowed the garments to stand out more when there was no complicated hairstyles to distract from it which is what I find to be a problem in some fashion shows where it overwhelms the look to not let the garments shine through. The beginning though did have a headpiece, but it was for the purpose to start the show off with a bang.


The minimal makeup was also a good choice. I like that it was kept simple instead of overdoing it. Just about everything in the show is supposed to say high end with simplicity.


The jewelry matches very well to the garments with them being either gold or silver and it would correspond with the decorative threads and embellishments of the garments.


The accessories was kept minimal with the exception of sometimes gloves worn with the garments by the models.


The shoes coordinated to the color of the garments. Which allows the garments to stand out and the shoes blend in with the overall look of each of the designs.

- What is the look of the set design/catwalk and how do you feel it serves the garments?

The only two colors in the design of the catwalk was white and gold. It served its purpose by creating an environment that was rich but pure. Especially with the gold tree besides the runway. Which made the entire show feel angelic like it was a whole another world.

- What do you think of the fashion show’s lighting, floor, and music?

The floor was a type that had gold in the grout. Again providing a richness feel. The lighting add a brightness to it that was both comfortable and allow focused the attention on the fashion show. Which I thought was a good choice. It could have easily made the place feel to sterile. The music was a mixture of styles that had a hint of traditional Chinese. In my opinion, it was nice because it was giving acknowledgement of the designer. I felt like there was a bit of her in the mix while still appealing to the audience.

- What do you think is the theme of Guo Pei’s collection? You must research for this answer, also.

I think the theme of it was celebrating the cultures of China and Paris. According to her, this was the first show she has ever done for Paris and it was an honor for her since she was in the fashion business for over thirty years and she basically wanted to pay homage to that.

- What is her philosophical statement? You must research.

To her, it’s very important to translate the language of her fashion over to the people from other countries such as France. Which is what her collection successfully conveys. It shows the traditions and luxuries of her home country and also embraces the high fashion and glamour of Paris.



"Guo Pei fashion show - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 (with interviews)." Guo Pei fashion show - Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 (with interviews). N.p., 28 Jan. 2016. Web. 19 May 2017.


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