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February 18, 2018

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Ancient Greece Drapery

November 29, 2017

 In History of Dress, we were asked to do a personal project of our own choosing. So I decided to do something a little unorthodox from the usual project suggestions. I plan to demonstrate draping a garment from Ancient Greece. Below is a picture of me holding the fabric in hand. This fabric is a cotton linen stretch. Not really something that would be available in Ancient Greece, but has nice drapery and it was something I could work with right away.















































This is a Himation. An outerwear garment used by both men and women. A common wear before the toga in the Roman era.




























This is the Peplus. It involve the dress draping over the waist and is pinned the shoulders.





























This is the classic Chiton. it's pinned at the shoulders and sides and tied off at the waist. It's looser at the top and usually the belt is not visible.


































This is one of my master creations. It's not a traditionally draped garment from Ancient Greece. But it's something I was inspired by Greece's draping of clothing.

























Another draped garment I made on my own. I will say it was fun to do. Creating a garment without the needle and thread. Just pins and a square foot of fabric. This project overall was different from the ones that I have done previously but in a good way. I now know what a woman does everyday to get ready in Ancient Greece.

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