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Designer Analysis: Yumi Katsura

May 20, 2017


Yumi Katsura

-What category, (business? sportswear? special occasion?) is her collection in?

Yumi Katsura Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017

- Give your opinion on her silhouettes, colors, fabrics, embellishment

techniques, shoes, hair, make-up, headpieces, and accessories. MAKE SURE TO INDIVIDUALLY ADDRESS THESE!!!

The prints on the fabrics has very natural elements with tree branches, leaves, and flowers. Most of the techniques on the garments consists of fabric manipulation and prints. It's all about creating new shapes in this type of collection. I think they very beautiful and very reminiscent to what I want to create in my collection.


As the collection progresses more and more complicated designs come out and have some level of sparkle and fringe on the garment in terms of embellishments. At the end there was a display of traditional Japanese kimonos that had such modern designs. It was taking a tradition type of wear from Japan and making it more high fashion. Which I love seeing the more complicated designs and elements. Especially the kimonos.


The fabrics in the show was the use of more formal types such as silk and satin for fabrics. This is definitely meant for someone that has the type of money to spend on designs such as this. I feel like I can feel the fantasy of Japan when I see this runway in Paris.


The hair was mostly kept in buns with pieces of fabrics that act as headdresses with it tied at the top as some high fashion type of bow. With the exception of the few male models who kept their hair natural in the show. I feel that it was trying something new and was trying to give it that sense of high fashion since this is a runway show in Paris.


The accessories was limited to sunglasses, bracelets, earrings, and once in awhile a purse. Most of the clothes speak for itself given how much detail went into creating such pieces. The earrings stood out as they were large and long pieces that was mostly gold and also pearls. I like most of the accessories. I would have done without though the sunglasses.


The makeup was mostly nude except for lips. They were painted different shades of red depending on the models. I like that it was kept mostly natural but still has that pop of color from the lips.


The shoes were mostly nude heels. I think it was to somewhat simulate the wooden sandals a lot of the Japanese people would wear with their kimonos. Either way, I thought it was a good choice for the garments that was very bold in color.

- What is the look of the set design/catwalk and how do you feel it serves the garments?


The catwalk was designed to be one hexagon with a white floor. The center has many shades going around this huge black chandelier with the edges of the hexagon exposed to show the chandelier. It think it served the purpose of what to expect from the clothes. I think it was supposed tell us that it's meant to be grand but in a more subtle way or in the most unexpected ways.

- What do you think of the fashion show’s lighting, floor, and music?

The lighting I felt was a little distracting since it's purple but it didn't deteriorate from the garments being shown in front of us.


The floor is white and it helps to make the garments pop out more. Usually white tends to do that for garments on display. Especially colorful ones.


The music was like a soft tempo. Nothing hard core. It does the job since the models were actually slowly walking instead of strutting the runway. Which is actually a traditional way Japanese designers would do their runway shows as a way to show off the garments more.

- What do you think is the theme of Yumi Katsura’s collection? You must research for this answer, also.


Her theme is to embrace the heritage that we have and to bring it back to modern times. She did that by creating beautiful modern designs to the traditional styles of the kimono.

- What is her philosophical statement? You must research.


Couture is her life-force. She takes the past and makes it beautiful again for the current audience.



"YUMI KATSURA - Spring/Summer 2017." FASHION INSIDER MAGAZINE. N.p., 26 Jan. 2017. Web. 19 May 2017.


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