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Designer Analysis: Balmain

May 20, 2017


Balmain Fall Winter 2017/2018

What category, (business? sportswear? special occasion?) is his collection in?

Fall Winter 2017/2018. This collection is a Ready-to-Wear collection made for the seasons of fall and winter of 2017. So it's not couture and looks to meant to wear for special occasions with the exception of possibly being also business wear.

- Give your opinion on her silhouettes, colors, fabrics, embellishment techniques, shoes, hair, make-up, headpieces, and accessories. MAKE SURE TO INDIVUALLY ADDRESS THESE!!!

The silhouettes differentiate especially since they have asymmetrical hemlines and and is heavily embellished. My problem with the collection overall was that is very inconsistent and doesn't seem to have a set period of inspiration. One moment would be the seventies while another moment came straight out of the nineties.


The embellishment techniques were very inconsistent. Some had fringes other had deconstructive techniques that are consistent from the nineties and also was heavily embellished with studs and sparkles. The clothes also have prints of animals on them like wolves and cheetah prints. It feels like something meant for performers and attendees at rock and roll shows.


The hair was mostly cornrows and the models luckily was very diverse. While could have been an accusation of cultural appropriation given the recent backlashes of Marc Jacobs and other designers.


The makeup to me was very inconsistent. Some models were heavily made up with extreme makeup while others was actually kept more nude. Which is something I felt that the fashion should have addressed.


The accessories overall were heavy and also very noticeable. It was like that they were try to sell the accessories as much as the clothes in my opinion.


The colors of the garments seemed to one with the most consistency. It was mostly warm rusty colors and black. Although there were times that it would have a pop of blue here and there in the collection.


The shoes were also one of the more consistent choices in the show. They were mostly black open toe high heels. Which seems fine given that the rest of the clothes and accessories seem to stand out.


- What is the look of the set design/catwalk and how do you feel it serves the garments?

The catwalk had a mirror like floor that gave a shine to the clothes and the ceiling was decorated with chandeliers covered in dark blue fabric that given it a dark feel. The set design seems to lean towards blacking out everything to make the clothes stand out.

- What do you think of the fashion show’s lighting, floor, and music?

It seems to match the theme of the show with the heavy lights, the black floors and the heavy metal and rock music. They seem to point in the direction of celebrating the times of rock and roll greatest times.



- What do you think is the theme of Balmain’s collection? You must research for this answer, also.


The theme of the show surrounds the ups and celebrations of the rock and roll genre given the music and the way the outfits are designed with the heavy on the embellishments and fringes. The designer, Olivier Rousteing, stated he wanted to bring back the forces of nature in this collection. Even though that wasn’t really what I got from the show.



- What is his philosophical statement? You must research.

To Rousteing, it’s all about bringing out the strength in women and making them edgy while still remaining couture. To him, he wants to make amazon women exist in the fashion world.





Diderich, Joelle. "Balmain RTW Fall 2017." WWD. N.p., 03 Mar. 2017. Web. 19 May 2017.

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